Sunday, 19 October 2014

Dark Eldar Haemonculus

Hello all... I've been in a bit of a hobby funk recently... Not really been in the mood for much painting.  
So to get me going I decided to step out of my comfort zone and paint some Dark Eldar

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Necromunda Redemptionists

Chad & the First Church of the Flaming Cone Heads

Hello all... and for those looking for more posts on my Emperor Titan, well sorry, not this time but rest assured that I'm working on things.
To be honest, I needed a break from that project... and doing the Nagash commission got me excited about painting other things.

At my local games club a few guys have rediscovered the magic of Necromunda... personally, my favourite game system... I loved this game when it first came out and have many gangs.  There was an opportunity to get a Redemptionists gang from someone very cheaply, so I took it.
I'll be working on my other gangs... next up will be Spyers and Ratskins

You've probably realised that I seem to be obsessed with flames... and the effects here were achieved with an airbrush and the Anarchy HD Stencil System.  I backed this when it came out on Kickstarter last year and I'm really happy with the results they give

Check them out!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Nagash - Commission Painting

Hello All...

I've not been posting for a while, and since I got back from Vacation I see that my Blog made it onto Faeit 212... as a result a few more folk have taken a look at my work on the Emperor Titan that I'm working on.

So the first order of business is to say Welcome All and normal posting service should resume

The reason for my hiatus in posting is that I've been working on a commission for a good buddy at my Gaming Club... I wanted Mo [client] to see these first before anyone else, but I've emailed these onto him... so here are my efforts


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

More painting...

I've been adding some extra detailing on the top section.. I need to add the spikes and chaos arrow detailing around the back..

However, i'm off on vacation for a week so no more posting for a while


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Flames.... i've been painting

 I've been working on this for a while - the hiatus in posting is testament to this...

I posted some images of the flame theme on the towers... I've now completed the first part of this theme on the top section

You can see some of the detailing that I've added... I'll be keeping it like this for the time being until I've finished.  This will be to assess what I can leave and then add to

Note... there were some comments about a lack of scale... 10 points for spotting the Ork Boy in these photos - also giving you the scale

Monday, 4 August 2014

It stands!

This is something that i've been working towards for a while... i've been wanting to see the emperor titan standing so that I can get a good idea of what the overall model will be like

Yes, there is a LOT of things to finish.... but i'm pretty happy that i've managed to get this far

I've spent quite a bit of this weekend measuring and remeasuring the pipework so that I could get this far.  You can also see the hip structures that i'm currently playing with... I may change these (at the top of each leg)... I also need to add a log of detailing around the legs and the hip pipework as it's rather barren at the moment.
You can also see the initial structure of the two arm cannons... I'm going to use these as placeholders for the time being, I want to paint everything else before I work on these.

I've also been working on more flames for the top turrets

Lots more detailing to add around the edges... 

That's it for now

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Test Painting... Towers

So I decided that my lack of black paint to undercoat things wouldn't stop me being productive...  I've been practising freehand flames but decided that I needed to actually see it on the Emperor.

I started with one of the back towers... it's small and if I screw it up I can always paint it black again.

I'm pretty happy with these and while I know it's ambitious, I know that it'll look killer when the whole theme is completed.

I should reference my tutorial videos for the freehand flames... Airbrush 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Some initial details

I've been thinking about this stage for a long time.... I've also taken on board some of the comments made about the cannons on the castle section.
So with a little remodelling and a lot of fingers stuck together with super glue... Here are some I initial detailing

I started to undercoat things... But i ran out of black, I need a LOT more black paint... Time to go see my friendly Vallejo paint person.

  You can see I'm adding lots of the spikes over the towers and domes... along with the resin chaos details that I sculpted.  I've also been doing a bit of kit bashing too.

Alterations to the front cannons... the rears can now fire over the top.  I have cool idea for this area, but i'll need to finish everything else first (it's a super final detail)

I've also been working on the fire... still needs more work but here's the current iteration

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Titan Head

I've been away on holiday to my favourite place in the world... the English Lake District.  I don't get a lot of hobby done, but I get a lot of thinking done when i'm out walking

I've also been waiting for some deliveries so I can start to do some detailing... I figured a good test piece would be the titan head

I've started to add some of the details that it needs... you can see the resin chaos arrow/logos and i've also ordered a bunch of these little spikes... which i'll be festooning the titan with.

Yea.. ok, it looks a little 'punk rock'... but to me Chaos = Spiky!

 The original side of the titan head for comparison

As for paint... I have a theme in mind, and as some people already know I have a thing for 'flame jobs'

I originally painted my FW Reaver Titan with 'Hot Rod' flames... this time i'm wanting something a little more realistic so i'm currently practising freehand airbrush flames

1st attempt - this needs a LOT more work before I start on the Titan, but it gives an idea of where i'm going!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Assembly... well sort of

I spent the weekend doing lots of fiddly bits on the Emperor... I've not got many photos taken but in my attempt to keep things updated, i'd post the one that I took late last night

You can see that I've started to add some of the resin details that I cast... there is a LOT more of that to add.  I've also made a head... this is currently my 'working version'.... and could be subject to change.  I have more cannons added to the rear towers and these now properly rotate.  The central tower is also now completed, with buttresses added below the balcony (i'm pretty happy with that overall)

You can also see that I've started to attack the model with liquid green stuff, to fill in all the gaps in the card i'm using to edge the foam-board... this will be a very time consuming task, but will ultimately mean that it looks a lot better in the end!

My main problem at the moment... is what to do with the front two platforms for the castle section???  Every time that I look at it, I can't decide if it needs more towers (like the back) or something different

Until I completely decide i'm going to be working on the details for the top section... and completing the hip section so that I can get it to stand (finally)

The front tower design

for example I could stick to the classic design

Or I could go for something like this with gun emplacements etc... 

Personally i'm gravitating to the middle image... as I have towers at the back and can create gun emplacements for the front

Saturday, 12 July 2014


I've started to think about how i'm going to detail the Emperor... it's getting to that point

The only way to do this in a cost effective way is to mass produce lots of detail pieces in resin and then cover the titan with them.

So... a quick update with some prototypes

Using plasticine I sculpted some Chaos Spikes... you get the idea of scale.  I want to have some large and small details to start with

I am a big fan of resin casting and I frequently use TOMPS to get supplies

Having sculpted the various spikes and chaos logos... I created moulds using the RTV sillicone and then got casting

Initial results... i'm pretty happy with these and will post some more images when i've made more and added them to the Titan pieces