Wednesday, 30 April 2014


To paraphrase my favorite comedy collaboration....

OK so what am I rambling on about?? well this is an attempt to create an interior setting for 40K battles... i.e. Walls, and lots of them

My good buddy and regular 40K opponent; who goes by 'Biel Tan' asked me earlier this year what my next big project was going to be... he'd had the idea of making some terrain for us to play some alternate games on. He liked the idea of fighting inside a spaceship or bunker complex so we started with that.
There are some 'commercially available' wall sections... but you need the GDP of a small country to realistically afford a 6x4 tables worth of them... so we set about attempting to construct our own.

After a lot of discussion, we both thought that we should use the Hirst Arts block moulds to make the detail for the wall sections... if you've not seen Hirst Arts then I seriously suggest you check them out 

We opted to use some of the gothic and scifi molds in an attempt to get the right mix of futuristic with gothic...

Gothic Molds -
SciFi Molds -

So... without going into the full details, you can see that this project is going to involve an epic amount of block casting even with 2 people and 4 molds... suffice to say we've been doing it for a while but i only got around to posting about this now!

this gives you a flavour of what we have to do (from Hirst Arts)

We decided not to use plaster of paris... as it can be quite brittle and we wanted some longevity in the wall sections... after much research I found that Dental Stone is just as easy to use, but much more hard wearing.  It's the stuff that your dentist uses to make a cast of your teeth... 

We were casting for what seemed like months!... enough said on that!

The Interesting bit... actual walls

These are the initial wall sections that we put together to see what they'd look like... we rather like them

We're using 1" thick polystyrene as the base wall section with the cast blocks stuck onto that...  
Gothic theme

SciFi cargo theme

Gothic promenade with statues

First Test Game

Here you can see our first batch of walls in various stages of finish that we used for a 4x4 40K game using the Zone Mortalis rule set.

You get an idea of what the final walls will look like... we're going for a grey/stone finish that will be detailed using the features on the walls themselves.  We also have some special wall sections which will have extra details lavished on them

You get a sense of just how congested it is in the corridors... MC's move slowly, and things die QUICK!

LOTS More to come on this... 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Emperor Mk.II - Legs

I started this project with much gusto... figuring i'd get to the end of it in better shape than I did the last time..

I think this image sums up where I am at, at the moment

Anyway.... Legs

I have the main body chassis constructed but need to get the legs and pelvis sections put together so that a free-standing body can be visualized.  
I want to keep with the Epic theme... but realize that making rounded legs is going to 
1. be a pain
2. be painful to add details to - because of the rounded surface
3. not be particularly strong - i'm obsessing about this element!

Paul commented on the last blog about some really nice conversions of the old Epic Imperator model... I wasn't particularly using any of these.... however, one of these has box like legs that I rather like.
But they are a little too boxy for me... so i'm working on combining the rounded aspect of the original and a box like construction so that I can get some strength in there (hopefully).  I also rather like the back of the original legs, with it's stepped design 

Current Leg design

This is what I currently have designed... attempting to bring the square and rounded versions I mentioned previously. 
I quite like the design, as it gives me a solid foundation and flat surfaces to add more detail to but also has a rounded element that pays homage to the original version

I need to add more parts to the top so that I can tie in where the actual leg (40mm pipe) will join the base part... I have some ideas but am still mulling them over.

These are a work in progress... obviously, as with the torso there is a LOT of details to add - there will be windows similar to the original design with gun ports etc.  I have some mad conversion ideas for these

Front View

Side View

After some considerable time... i got this far

Front/inside side view

Side View

Back View

Direct Front View

Loads more to do... i now need to work on the other leg and then the pelvis section so I can get a standing torso/chassis